Hey, I'm Kelly.

I wanted to be a chef like my parents but always ended up eating all the ingredients while cooking.

Now I'm pursuing to be an experience designer so I can help everyday people connect with brands. I'm sure one of the projects will be related to cooking one day.

In my spare time, I like to find new patches for my denim jacket, find new places to eat in the greatest city in the world, and advocate for sustainability. I'm also a part of Women Who Create NYC, group promoting diversity in Advertising, and always finding new opportunities to involve more inclusivity in the industry.

2018 One Club Creative Bootcamp with Microsoft and POSSIBLE Gold Winner
2018 Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2x Semi-Finalist
2018 Young Shits by Droga5 for June Finalist
2018 The Barn for BBH NY Winner
2018 CT&D for Digital Typography Scholarship Winner
2018 CT&D for Motion Graphics Scholarship Winner
PentagramxFIT Project featured on FIT website
#EXPERIENCE: Creative Technology and Design Annual Exhibition works showcased at Museum at FIT
#TIME: Creative Technology Annual Exhibition works showcased at Museum at FIT

Let's meet– laser tag. on a plane. your call.
210 - 837 - 8938 | heykellywang@gmail.com