Hey, I'm Kelly.

I wanted to be a chef like my parents but always ended up eating all the ingredients while cooking.

Now I'm pursuing to be an experience designer so I can help everyday people connect with brands. I'm sure one day I'll be working on a project related to food.

In my spare time, I like to find new patches for my denim jacket, try new places to eat in the greatest city in the world, and advocate for sustainability. I'm also a part of Women Who Create NYC, group promoting diversity in Advertising– and always relentless to find new opportunities that allows more diversity in the industry.

Awards & Recognitions
2019 The 4A's MAIP fellow Finalist (stay tuned!)
2018 One Club Creative Bootcamp with Microsoft and POSSIBLE Gold Winner
2018 Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2x Semi-Finalist
2018 Young Shits by Droga5 for June Finalist
2018 The Barn for BBH NY Winner
2018 CT&D for Digital Typography Scholarship Winner
2018 CT&D for Motion Graphics Scholarship Winner
PentagramxFIT Project featured on FIT website
#EXPERIENCE: Creative Technology and Design Annual Exhibition works showcased at Museum at FIT
#TIME: Creative Technology Annual Exhibition works showcased at Museum at FIT

Let's meet– laser tag. on a plane. your call.
210 - 837 - 8938 | heykellywang@gmail.com