Spotify Approvals

Be your friend's music curator


Research , Strategy, Concept Ideation, UX/UI/IXD, Prototyping


Kelly Wang – XD


Paper, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects


This project began when sharing music through friends felt inconvenient and impersonal on Spotify. Spotify approvals allows users to be their own music curator and discover music from their friends.


Spotify users are proud of their music expertise. Yet, after many interviews, being judged by their music taste is holding many users back on sharing their music. Approvals will help ease these feelings.

Be your own music curator to your friends without feeling judged.

Key Feature – Approvals button and dedicated page

New button available for currently listening page, and the approved songs can be visited on a tab dedicated to your library.


Users will be able to leave their own comment on a song in their approvals page for their friends and followers to see.

Listening to your friend's approvals

Homepage will have your top friend's approvals for you to discover if you're connected to Facebook. Upon clicking on a friend's list, user can listen, download, and read friend's comments.

Reading Comments

User can read comments through the list by clicking the icon, or on the now playing page by swiping the album cover, similar to Behind the Lyrics.

User can tap the heart to show appreciation to their friend that they like the suggestion on the now playing page.



Sharing playlists one by one through spotify is inconvenient.


People are proud of their music expertise, but they feel vulnerable sharing music one-on-one due to the fear of being judged.

*Based on 50+ online survey responses and in-person interviews conducted.

User Flow


Wireframe to Screen