Rebranding City of Diversity and Self-Expression


Research, Strategy, Concept Ideation, Visual System, Design


Kelly Wang – XD


Paper, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


ADAA Semifinalist badge
Semifinalist – Adobe Design Achievement Awards, 2018


Berlin is a rising modern city that has a daring mindset, yet is also rich with history. However, the current visual system the city has does not reflect the what the city offers.
Research Deck


Create a new visual system for Berlin.

Target Audience

After research, we concluded the audience that would fit best would be Millennials or young professionals from 20s-30s, saving money to plan for an upcoming trip. The audience is open to creativity, adventurous, unprejudiced, and an advocate for equality and sustainability.

Modular Logo Process

To encompass all of Berlin's characteristics, a geometrical shape was created using the first Berlin town symbol to trace back to its history, while a modular branding system was created from the shape to depict all of the city's unique features that could be applied as a pattern and be rearranged.

Using the Guide

Modular system that can be used for other uses.


Each icons depict what makes Berlin different and highlights city's personality.