Making rejected runners run happy

With 'Run Happy' as the motto for Brooks Running, we turned a sad day around for runners that were rejected to participate in the NYC marathon.


daphne lee – ad, mandy zou – gd, kelly wang – ad/gd


Research, strategy, visual design, ux/ui, animation


Paper+pen, Adobe Cc, sketch


1st place – the one club client pitch
merit – the one club Young Ones


Brooks Running wants to create awareness for the brand and want to appeal to millennial runners.


Over a 100,000 marathon applicants apply for the NYC marathon every year, yet only 10% are accepted via the lottery system.


We saw people complaining on social media, posting their rejection emails.


With NYC Marathon being based on pure luck and Brooks message being "Run Happy", we targeted the disappointed, sad, devastated runners rejected from the NYC Marathon. Brooks can step in and be their hero.

Brooks will give rejectees a chance to turn their day around through the“Run More Chance” campaign by exchanging their rejection letter into gear and a chance to run their own marathon.
Case Study Video
Run More Chance

Brooks will launch Run More Chance campaign to cheer up the rejectees.

Digital – Microsite

Runners start by exchanging their rejection letter as a 'token' for a chance to win on the microsite.

Runners can win prizes such as Brooks shoes and gear through the game.


We'll spread the word by responding to upset marathon runners on social media to create brand relationship and buzz.

Digital/Experiential – Virtual Marathon

Runners will also receive an invitation to join a virtual race marathon to try on their new gear, while running a marathon on their own with other rejected runners.

We will place cut-out audiences to provide a marathon experience in popular running routes, motivating them and also creating social media content.


We interviewed people about Brooks Running shoes and tried them on ourselves at Jack Rabbit.

Process – Design Assets
The Team

We won the One Club client pitch and were placed as finalists for the Young Ones Brief 🏆