Chelsea Market

Preserving the Market's History


Research , Concept Ideation, UX/UI/IXD, Prototyping


Loisse Ledres – AD
Mandy Zou – AD
Kelly Wang – XD


Paper, Invision Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects


ADAA Semifinalist badge
Semifinalist – Adobe Design Achievement Awards, 2018


Because of the rise of popularity with tourist visitors, the market gets crowded, and many overlook its unique historical details and store offerings due to lack of signage. We created an AR experience to market’s historical content exciting while informing practical decisions like where to eat without the need of using external resources like an on-site map.
Research Report


Have people learn more about Chelsea Market's history along with better signages.

Main Features

Current art installations are used as an AR checkpoint.
Every checkpoint comes with easy bite-sized trivia about the Nabisco factory.
Completing all checkpoints will allow the user to be rewarded with a $5 Chelsea Market gift card.

List View

Easily switch from map to list view.

Includes type of services they offer, and filter to stores that offer promotional materials.

Red circle indicates which stores are in promotion.

Stores in promotion offers a code that can be used at the register.


Mobile interactive map view with icons to differentiate categories of shops and locations of a checkpoint.


Due to saturation of trends, people have a deeper appreciation for historical brands. Chelsea Market is loved by many, but after interviews users mention they would feel a deeper appreciation for it if they knew its rich history and development.

Initial Process


Many of the decorations were related to the history of the factory, but they stayed as decorations when we visited. There were no  information about the artwork or why there were Oreo paintings on the wall.


• Who is the target audience?
• Do people really want to learn about Chelsea Market's history?
• How can we make it fun, and seamlessly include in the market's shopping experience?


• Historical sights in Chelsea (Highline, Galleries, etc)
• DeKalb Market Hall and Navy Yard in Brooklyn
• World Trade Center


The main takeaways we learned from the interviews were:
• There's a lack of signage for maps and it's crowded
• Appreciation for the transformation of the market
• Interest in learning about the market if it's easily integrated into the experience.

Interview Deck

User Flow