Some of the world's most unusual sports are highlighted every year during August on ESPN'8'. To build excitement, we created faux new sportscast team and hit the beaches in Texas and Miami.

My Role

Main designer in charge of the branding, social, experiential, and animation assets


Giant Spoon

A visual system was created for The Ocho and was utilized for the experiential campaign. The van, cornholes, tents, water bottles– all the necessary components for the campaign was all produced using the design.

The event traveled to beaches of Galveston, TX, and Miami, FL to surprise beachgoers by turning their casual games into a full-on sports broadcast, filming their play.

We also created faux new sportscast team: The buttoned-up Riesling Cooper and the all-too-chill Skye Sanderson.

The two added unique and bizarre color commentary, and treating every participant like an elite athlete at each beach.

Animation end cards

GIPHY stickers – Ocho Branding

GIPHY Stickers – Reactions

Graphics Bible