Celebrating 70th anniversary of Ferrari

In honor of Ferrari's 70th anniversary, we took over NYC with 70 of their classic cars along with a digital treasure hunt to find the cars. The event generated +1.5m impressions for the brand.




grant pilon - cd, gini lavore - gd, kelly wang - CREATIVE intern


visual design, ux/ui, prototyping


Paper+pen, balsamiq, adobe photoshop, invision


I was introduced to this integrated campaign towards the end up my internship. The project consisted of an exciting mix with experiential and digital, and they gave me the responsibility of working on the digital portion of the 'treasure hunt,' which eventually led to a microsite.

The microsite allows users to find Ferraris in Manhattan, read the history of Ferrari, unlock prizes, and read the details of each car that were at the specific location.

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Target Audience

We wanted to target locals and tourists alike to enjoy the Ferrari experience if they were in New York City and enjoyed automobiles. The secondary audience would be people outside of NYC that wanted to look at the microsite to read more about Ferrari.


The concept was already set with the client. My goal was to work with my mentors to figure out the best experience in interacting with the digital portion of the Ferrari treasure hunt event.

1. As it's a two-day activation, the process to launch the digital product and sign up for the event should be easy.

2. Organize the information where the location of each car comes first, but the users can still easily access other features.

3. To find a simple way for users to claim their prizes at each location that can't be redeemed more than once.

User Flow
Wireframes – Initial Round

Select rough sketches before designing the wireframes digitally to get a better sense of how the microsite will function.

Wireframes/Interactions – Final

Final iterations of the wireframes, along with how each page interacts with another.

Visual Design & Prototype
Prototype Animations
Final Screens
Conclusion & Campaign Photos

This was one of my first real-life client projects that came alive. The duration was about two weeks and it really pushed me to learn how to design and prototype effectively within the time constraint. Working on a project that included digital and experiential materials together challenged me to think outside just the digital space.