Plant care app for millennials


Research , Strategy, Concept Ideation, UX/UI/IXD, Prototyping


Kelly Wang – XD


Paper, Sketch, Principle, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects


This project began when I realized that there wasn't a plant care app catered to millennials when millennials were accountable for 31% of houseplant sales last year. By partnering up with The Sill, Grow will assist the users to properly take care of the plants they love.


The biggest challenge was trying to understand what the target group would want in a plant care app. After several rounds of interviews, I was able to narrow down what users were seeking for in plant care.

Plant care platform catered to Millennials

Key Feature – My Plants

User can tap the water icon to keep the water progress in track for a plant. For more information, swipe up to see a quick plant care guide, add timelapse photos, or read related articles. Remind a friend function is also available If a friend is taking care of the plant while user is away.

Simple UI and gestures

Unless a user uploads their own plant image, Grow has organic shapes to bring life to the plant by default. The UI is also kept simple to highlight the plants and not bring too much attention to the design.

Remind Friend

If a user is having a friend looking after a plant, user can send the proper plant care and notifications via SMS or Facebook Messenger.

Read about plants and plant care

Discover section includes information on variety of house plants for users to explore, along with any plant guide articles to read.

Detailed Guides & Easy Buy

Each page is organized by categories, and plant articles includes species history, suitable locations, and extensive information on how to care for them.

If the user likes a plant they're seeing, buy plant button is easily accessible at the end of the page that can redirect them to The Sill to purchase.

Additional Feature – Scan to add plant

Grow will have a scan technology by using The Sill's API for users to easily add a plant. Users also have the option to search by typing the plant name or manually add a plant.



More and more millennials find solace and a sense of nurturing in houseplants as houses, kids, and other milestones are happening much later in life. As a result, millennials were accountable for 31% of house plant sales last year. However, after rounds of interviews, most plant owners and interviewees who want more houseplants admitted that the fear of killing plants prevented from buying more.

Competitor Analysis

Plant Pal: Starts by asking what users want from a plant, and the user's knowledge in plantcare and suggests a perfect plant. Each plant has a thorough plant care information. Colors indicate health status of a plant, and once you “activate” a plant the app can teach you how to water the plant properly. As a con, users couldn't take pictures of plants they owned, and determining plant’s health seemed arbitrary.

Happy Plant: Water reminder app that has different reminding days for each plant. User can name your plants and has a water streak function that gamifies watering plants. Has plant selfies and time-lapse options. However, users wanted to know how much longer each plants needs watering instead of how many days it needs in between watering. There were no sorting options.

Waterbug: Teaches users how to prune, fertilize, and pest by a game. There's notifications when a plant needs watering, and users can also name your plants. Unfortunately there's not enough plants and there were image distorting and animation errors that made users uncomfortable.

Initial Sketches & User Flow

Wireframes to Screen