Prove that it has to be Heinz

Heinz wanted to establish itself as the main event by convincing people that their favorite foods can only be enjoyed by their favorite ketchup. So we reserved a spot for Heinz on every plate.


daphne lee – ad, kelly wang – ad/gd


Research, strategy, visual design, animation


Paper+pen, Adobe CC


wood pencil – d&ad new blood awards


Condiments are never the star of the show: they’re what goes on the side. How can Heinz convince people that their favorite foods can only be enjoyed with their favorite ketchup for their 150th anniversary?


There's always a pile of ketchup somewhere on the plate that we saw that no one utilized yet.

By reserving a spot for the ever-present pile of ketchup found next to every meal, Heinz will claim its longstanding title as everyone's favorite ketchup for years to come.
Case Study Video
Reserved for Heinz – How It Works

We created “Reserved for Heinz” keystone marks on food paper sheets..

foil wrappers..

takeout containers, and restaurant plates.

These would be available as a reminder for all restaurants loyal to Heinz.

Commemorative Plate Set

By partnering up with Corelle, Heinz ketchup lovers can also get their own special 150 years commemorative plate set for their own homes.

To make sure Heinz will be chosen for the next 150 years, we hope these Heinz fans will pass on their novelty ketchup memorabilia and their love for Heinz ketchup to the future generations.

The Team

We won a pencil at the D&AD festival for the Heinz brief 🏆