Unconventional Minds

Stop motion typography to express FIT's spirit
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There's a lack of innovative ways to communicate FIT's new brand message– "unconventional minds".


Gen-Z uses social media as the main tool for finding like minded people, and are visual learners.

They also have short attention spans– 8 seconds according to Sparks and Honey.


Create a way for students to experience and participate in FIT's school spirit by generating Instagram posts of quick and shareable gifs, imagining FIT’s “un-words” as a typographical solution.


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In collaboration with Pentagram and FIT.



We began by researching the wide-range of student demographics that attend FIT and their needs along with understanding the new branding.

There were 1,066 first-time freshmen enrolled applicants, and 754 were transfers. 36% of the students were in Art & Design, while 51% of the students were enrolled in Business & Technology.

With further research, we were able to narrow down our target audience groups to 4 for initial concepting stage.

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• Who is the target audience? Who do we want to attract?
• What type of visuals express Berlin the best when it's so diverse?
• What are the top reasons to go to Berlin?
• What's the tone of voice?

Initial Concepts

Initial concepts include using all target audiences. Ranging from interactive mirrors to 2D animation, each idea has a unique insight that embraces FIT's identity.

None of the concepts were chosen in the initial phase, but the ideas aided in the final solution.
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A creative way for students to experience and participate in FIT's school spirit.

Social Media Strategy

FIT can upload these quirky, short videos on their instagram to share their message of being unconventional. Prospective and current students can also create their own versions using #UnconventionalMinds. This will give students a chance to be featured on FIT's account, creating UGC.

Gen-Z users can easily share these videos through the platform for creative inspiration.




Concepting • Strategy • Art Direction • Production

Tools Used

Paper, Camera, Props found with budget of $100, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe After Effects


Melissa DeOliveira – AD
Kelly Wang – XD